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Our Mission

We at Georgia Natural Pain Care And Wellness are dedicated to helping you feel the best you can.  I, Dr. Jeffrey Comanor, have had over 30 years of experience working in the Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Clinical Kinesiology fields.  I help clients recover from a wide range of conditions by using a variety or treatment methods, selecting those that best meet an individuals needs.

If you don't have a disease, why do you feel so bad?


Pain is a result of the activation of nerves. Our bodies were designed to work in a certain way. When work habits, old injuries, poor diet, stress or other negative influences disrupt our normal body function, pain results.


Does day to day stress really hurt you? The answer is a giant YES! Constant stress causes actual physical changes in body chemistry which can cause real damage to your tissues, resulting in debilitating pain, weight gain and fatigue. Even good stress (a promotion, a move to a nicer home, a raise) can have a negative effect on your health. Your nervous system doesn't always know the difference.


Allergies can cause pain and fatigue. Any time the body responds to an allergen, the immune system uses a lot of energy. Allergies can be like a battle of two fronts - exhausting. Whether you are having hives, sneezing, "spaceyness" or stomach problems, your body is using your available energy to cope. Even if you have no obvious symptoms, the fatigue you are feeling may be your immune system reacting to an allergen.

Our Process

850 Kennesaw Ave Suite 5 Marietta Ga 30060

•Evaluate Your Medical History

•Non-Invasive, Multi-Layered Exam

•Check for Allergies

•Comprehensive Plan Of Action

•Monitor Results

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Our Motto

At Georgia Natural Pain Care and Wellness, we get amazing results every day! Come in and change your life. You will get boutique-type, personalized care without the boutique price.

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Georgia Natural Pain Care (Kennesaw, Ga)

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Learn More About Dr. Comanor.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Jeffrey Comanor. Based on my 30+ years of experience, I believe Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture and Clinical Kinesiology hold vast promise to change your health!

I have been operating out of my Marietta office for 23 years, serving local and out of state patients. I personalize my treatments to your needs and can usually get results in patients that are not responding well to other treatment methods. Recently, I was awarded two U.S. Government Patents: One for a natural formulation which I developed to treat neuropathological pain associated with Fibromyalgia, and the second for relief of multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

It is my belief that healing is a sacred calling and I will never waste your valuable time."

You’ve heard of new age medicine…well this is NEXT AGE! We use biocomputer-based treatments that access and utilize the power and knowledge of the human bio-computer ( 300 billion connections ) to fix:

  • functional health problems.
  • Pain from old injuries or surgeries that won’t go away despite various Meds and treatments.
  • Fatigue that doesn’t improve with the usual approaches.
  • Loss of range of motion.
  • Weakness that interferes with normal daily living or sports.
  • Allergy problems that make life less fun, or cause symptoms that limit a person’s access to many environments. 

Treatments at Ga. Natural Pain Care are non-invasive and safe.

Patients receive between twenty and thirty minutes of face to face time and treatment with the doctor during each visit including a re-evaluation exam.

Dr. Comanor is a clinical innovator, author, teacher, and inventor, holding recent original patents in pain relief and multiple chemical sensitivity. He has taught med school, run a grant lab, been a lab assistant and post grad instructor. He holds doctorates in naturopathic medicine and chiropractic, is a fellow in the international academy of medical acupuncture, is a clinical kinesiologist and a qi gong practitioner. He is a black belt, private pilot, marathon runner and children’s book author. He took a break from the traditional academic path to become a hit songwriter, 20thcentury fox co-star, recording artist, producer, and performer. He spent twenty years enjoying making music; sharing concert bills with groups such as Fleetwood Mac, Loggins and Messina and touring with the Eagles. He retired when it stopped being fun, and soon found himself drawn back to the world of health care. After experiencing the world of holistic medicine in California, he was naturally ( pun intended ) attracted to the more natural approaches to care. He believes that integrating multiple approaches to a patient’s care offers the best chance to fix difficult problems. Everything in the human body takes place bio-electrically at the cellular level. If that level can be affected, real change is possible. If any potential patients would like to discuss their case in advance, Dr C. would be happy to do so.

Please Note: a cash practice. Running a cash practice means you get higher quality care at a lower price, without all the "Red Tape". An effective cash practice is not necessarily more expensive that one that is insurance based. More personal care often means far fewer visits.